pretend attractive node woman from Instagram

In this image we in the front of this page see a clear example of a woman trying to use being pretend attractive to make money through Instagram some lessons for you . You are not half as pretty as you seem to think you are average at best Russia has way more beautiful women than you are inside and outside alike by far. Next if all you have for your life is being a pretend model at best maybe it’s time to get one life sorted and maybe get a life? All parts of ex USSR countries have a baby shortage now I am afraid women like you to me are the cause of it since no one wants tramp to date or have sex with once they get older than like aged 21 even most high school kids by like aged 17 are to mature for you something for you to think about.

I see all the some  normally women who are basically no use for anything else except being pretty but often have no personality claim they are model because people people follow there Twitter account but a lot of them don’t want you to know most of them use bots to try and make themself seem more popular than they are .

The best example I could give you compare these Instagram women is like Call Duty player claiming he’s a snipper when all he does is play a game all the time maybe he’s good at it but that’s about it for many of there pretend amazing lifes.

They are overall  women basically trying to bring out the worst in people normally lonely or men who can’t get sex or a girlfriend who think if they buy or send the woman money he will get sex it’s overall to me for most of them are just basically online prostitutes  and I am afraid women will need to clean up there own mess it’s not always the male fault as many women like to claim all the time.

Wearing clothing or being pretty is not actually a skill or talent it’s just like someone claiming they are great for having brown or blue eyes it’s overall does nothing at all to improve the world all it does is help this mostly selfish loser of a woman you may wonder “hi she makes big money so super important ” have to disagree just being able to make money from being sexy is not good way for any woman to be it is sign of someone who was raised wrong and taught by others to use your looks to take advantage of over people for your own personal gain I serious wish women would stop being so shallow overall.

If you are someone who buys there rubbish a few of them have being proved to promote or sell dangerous products so I would watch your money if you are buying something in the hopes of getting laid this will not in anyway increase your chance to do this just make you more of a loser overall.

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