British women in the world worst to date or marry a like for example if a man marries one he has 75% chance of turning gay after being married 2 years you maybe saying”oo you talking shit” I have seen it happen many times after marriage or during it or even on general dates with one for example when I was 19 my friend had girlfriend a British one she battered him for no reason except she was drunk and general horrible woman after that he turned gay and he is still gay after quite a lot of years

A British woman is like this

Always drunk

Always in a horrible mood

Believes she is superior to all other people.

All men owe them for being a woman 

always ready to attack a man or boyfriend alike

Will try and attack or rape a man any day of the week.

Like some kind of like a monster kind of like demon in human form hell 

Spend all day giving men abuse verbal or physically a like 

Think they are the most beautiful women in the world 

Most British women spend most of the day getting drunk on vodka or beer so always in bad mood and you can’t reason with any of them on anything so it’s generally best to avoid them as someone to date or friendship they will always stay in drunk stay for a large amount of there lives you will probably if you date one long term you spend all the time trying to sort what she does drunk such as break doors or wreak tables or break computers basically any kind of damage she will do all the time.

Most of them believe all men are lower form of life them such as you will probably see all the time them speaking you are like a bit of dirt now if you never had relationship before you may think this is normal or right but in reality it’s like dating cancer since they will spend most of the day telling you horrible things have no idea why saying that is wrong or bad thing.

Most of them believe men owe them these sort of things

  1. Unlimited supply of Cash
  2. Drink
  3. Drugs or ciaggerretes
  4. Respect while being a horrible person
  5. To clean up there messes such as if they break your houses foot door while drunk expect you to replace it with her giving you nothing back not even saying sorry to you .
  6. Get pregnant for money

Drinking is big part of there problems so they will be normally be very horrible to be around such as it’s fairly common for her while drunk to try and attack you with a glass bottle or some other kind of weapon if you meet a British man who had black eye or mark on him if you can’t see why or know there is around 90% chance it was done by a British woman here is examples of what happened to two of my friends.

“Friend got a black eye while she was badly drunk”

“Friend was dating her for 4 months she thought he had affair which he did not so she broke both his legs now the guy disabled and homosexual who lives in a wheelchair” these things are very common if you date one short term or long term.

Tagged is good way to see no class of women I am going to share you two example here one comes from 37 year woman from Sunderland She told me “Fuck off idiot” then blocked me she put a comment super confused why men are horny at aged 37 made me wonder why a woman can be so stupid at that age when average child in high school can workout people get horny so someone sending you dick photo or so is not surprising a woman sent me a photo of her pussy today I am surprised at being younger her and getting similar results.

so I told her in message after being blocked

Calling someone an idiot does not make you smart instead makes you one when you can’t understand something average 18 can understand about sex of men getting horny you are not smart even average intelligence so you would be an idiot try and smart up if you can .

Another said” Good girls always win” she is aged 30 and I think mixed race Indian one anyone with half brain would know that’s false good girls at most win like 5% of the time so I put then she blocked me and the other guy who said similar things to me ” That is false if that was case good girls would be rich and Depp wife would have not won since she is bad” so telling the truth to these women is like the ulimate crime for most of them

A woman could not handle I did not like a band so she emailed me telling me to not make comments when she posted it in public so I told her you lost I made $2000 for programming job which I did so she told me £3000 as a so called lava expert that is impossible to be true at just aged 20 and if she was doing that so called job she would not be posting rubbish all the time online and thinking she’s so impotant for being average looking.

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